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48- Hours in Paris 2-Day Itinerary

Updated: Apr 27

Paris, the capital of France, is known for its rich history, exquisite cuisine, and stunning architecture. Often referred to as the "City of Love" and the "City of Lights," it is renowned for its romantic ambiance, world-class art collections, and iconic landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre Museum. With its charming streets, sidewalk cafes, and picturesque riverbanks, Paris remains one of the world's most popular and beloved travel destinations.

In this post, I'll share the itinerary that I used to discover the best of Paris in just 48 hours! Get ready for a whirlwind journey through the enchanting streets, iconic landmarks, and mouthwatering cuisine that make the City of Lights an unforgettable destination.

a picture of the Eiffel tower
Eiffel Tower


  1. Purchase tickets for tours in advance. The earlier the better.

  2. Before purchasing flights, make sure your passport is up to date and it won't expire within 6 months of your travel dates. If it is set to expire, you will need to renew your passport.

  3. Sign up for the Smart Travel Enrollment Program (STEP). Allows U.S. citizens and nationals to share information about their trip with the closest U.S. Embassy. STEP will help the U.S. Embassy contact you in a natural disaster, civil unrest, or family emergency.

  4. Avoid wearing flashy jewelry or expensive clothing to help avoid theft.

  5. Purchase European electrical outlet adapters. The European countries do not use the same electrical outlets that we use in the U.S.

  6. Make copies of your passport and keep your passport on you at all times.

When to Visit:

According to Travel + Leisure magazine, the busiest time of year is May - September and July is one of the busiest months. They recommend visiting between October and April to avoid some of the crowds. When I visited Paris, I went the last week in May and it wasn’t too busy but this was also pre-Covid.

A neighborhood street in Paris

How to Get There:

There are several ways to get to Paris. If traveling from the U.S. you will travel by plane and, most likely arrive at the Charles-de-Gaulle airport. If you decide to arrive in another city in Europe first and then travel to Paris, other transportation options are available including a bus or train.

Where to Stay:

There are several amazing hotels located in Paris, but we opted for a hotel with a boutique hotel brand called Astotel. Hotel Joyce was a cozy hotel that provided an amazing breakfast buffet and comfy beds. The hotel was also in a great location with close access to public transportation.

​Our room in the Hotel Astotel

​Breakfast at the Hotel Astotel


During our trip, we used the Paris Metro to get around the city. It was easy to use and we purchased a two-day pass that provided us unlimited use of the metro.


Before I traveled to Paris, I did a lot of research on the safety of the city. I found that for the most part, the tourist areas are pretty safe, but there have also been occurrences of pickpockets in these same areas. We bought a neck wallet to hold our money in and our passports, which worked well for us.


Your budget for Paris can vary in pricing. We spent around $150 U.S. dollars/ night on our hotel and an additional $300 U.S. dollars total on tours.

48-Hr Itinerary

Day 1

Start your morning at your hotel and if you stay at the Hotel Joyce or another Astotel hotel, enjoy their delicious breakfast. The breakfast was one of the best hotel breakfast buffets that I have ever had at a hotel. They had a variety of pastries, meat options, and cappuccinos.

Next, take a ride on a 1 hr. River Seine Cruise. During the cruise, you will see beautiful views of the Eiffel Tower, and other famed sites.

Views from our boat cruise

After, the River Cruise take a walk over to the Eiffel Tower. Bonus: If you are willing to splurge, book reservations for lunch at the Madame Brasserie (formerly known as 58 Tour Eiffel) a restaurant located within the Eiffel Tower. I would say the food was average, but the experience was unforgettable!

Tip: If you do decide to make reservations at the Madame Brasserie, be sure to make reservations in advance.

After lunch, travel to Champs de Elysees.

Champs de Elysees is a famous avenue with shops, restaurants, and the Arch de Triomphe.

For a budget-friendly dinner, stop at the Brioche Doree a local Paris franchise selling sandwiches, salads, and pastries.

Day 2

Start your morning with another delicious buffet breakfast at the hotel then head over to the Louvre a popular Paris museum that houses the famous Mona Lisa painting. This is a nice area in Paris to stroll around after you finish touring the museum.

Me in front of the Louvre

Next, head over to the Montmartre neighborhood for a food tour with Secret Food Tours. This is a guided walking tour through Montmartre and along the way your guide will take you to local eateries. This was a great food tour and a great way to learn more about the culture of Paris from a local. The tours are usually 3 ½ - 4 hours long, so booking the afternoon will allow time for exploring the city in the morning. Tip: This is another tour that requires advanced booking.

I hope you find this 48-Hour Paris itinerary helpful as you plan your trip or it inspires you to book a trip to Paris!

Au revoir!



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