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2 Delicious Vegan Bakeries in San Diego

Updated: Apr 27

San Diego is not just a destination for beach lovers and outdoor enthusiasts; it's also a destination for foodies who love the taste of comforting homemade baked delights. When I am on the hunt for a delicious treat in San Diego to satisfy my sweet tooth, I like to switch it up sometimes and visit a vegan bakery. Why Vegan?  I am very intrigued by how bakers turn traditional desserts, recreate them with all plant-based ingredients, and make the most delicious vegan desserts. In this post, I'll share 2 of the best vegan bakeries in San Diego. Maya's Cookies and Split Bakehouse. 

Maya's Cookies 

    The first time I tried Maya's cookies was at the Little Italy Farmer's Market in 2019. I instantly fell in love with these vegan cookies. What I love about these cookies is the amazing flavors, from birthday cake to snickerdoodle to S'mores, each one is mouthwatering and will leave you wanting more. In addition to the permanent flavors, the owner also has seasonal and holiday flavors. Whenever I have family in town, I love to buy a dozen of these to share and my family is always surprised that the cookies are vegan. 

My Favorite: My go-to cookie is the S'mores cookie. The S'mores cookie is a chocolate cookie with gooey marshmallows in the middle. Yum!

Where to find Maya's Cookies: You can order Mya's Cookies online and have them shipped to your home. If you live locally you can find them at several farmers markets throughout the city including the Little Italy Farmers Market and the Hillcrest Farmers Market. You can also visit the storefront location at 4760 Mission Gorge Place, Suite G in Mission Valley. 

S'mores Cookie

Split Bakehouse

    Split Bakehouse Bakery serves up the best vegan pastries in San Diego. They were voted Best Vegan Pastry 2021 by the San Diego Magazine! They have various items on their menu such as muffins, cinnamon rolls, and croissants. The pastries are light, refreshing, and everything that you want in a pastry. Fun Fact: Their pastry chef was featured on Episode 6 of Bakers Dozen on Hulu!

 My Favorite: I love their signature Berry Pop Tart (It's an upgrade from my childhood pop tarts that I used to eat for breakfast). 

Where to find Split Bakehouse: You can find Split Bakehouse Pastries at many coffee shops around San Diego. They also have a storefront located at Grossmont Center Mall in La Mesa.

If you visit one of these bakeries, leave a comment below and let me know about your experience

Berry Pop Tart and Cranberry Blood Orange Galette

If you visit one of these bakeries, leave a comment below and let me know about your experience!


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