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4 Bars in San Diego That Will Give You the Ultimate Speakeasy Experience

Updated: Apr 29

During the prohibition era from 1920 to 1933, it was illegal to sale alcohol. To get around this law, businesses would sale alcohol in a hidden room, thus the term speakeasy was born.

You are now entering the Realm of The 52 remedies! This speakeasy is located inside Common Theory. The inspiration behind this bar is Recipes for Fifty-Two Ailments, a ancient Chinese medical text. When you first arrive, you enter into a small room that mimics a modern herb pharmacy. In order to enter the bar, you have to wave your hand near the door and then that motion activates the door to open.

Before you go: It's a pretty small space inside, so be sure to make reservations.

What to order: Definitely order one of their featured craft cocktails that are based on different themes. If you are looking to try other drinks, they have a extensive menu so there is something for everyone. They also have a food menu that offers unique small plate selections

Price: Food price average is $13- $20 per plate. Drink prices vary depending on what you order, but expect to pay at least $15 and up for your drink.

This Bar is hidden behind a secret door inside Neighborhood, a bar located in the Gaslamp Quarter. If you try to google this speakeasy, all you will find it is a webpage with the letters "NE". The owners keep this place a secret until you arrive.

Before you go: I recommend making reservations. When we went, I didn't make a reservation but we arrived about 15 minutes after they opened and we got a table after a 30 minute wait.

What to order: My favorite thing about this speakeasy is that there is no menu. Yes, you heard right. There is no menu. How do you order a drink then? Well I'm glad asked. Once you are seated, the bartender will ask you what you want. In my case, she asked me if I wanted something sweet or refreshing. I told her both! I also told her i wanted something with Rum. All I can say is wow! The cocktail was everything! If you are looking to grab a bite to eat, there is no food served here but either before or after you can stop and grab a bite to eat in Neighborhood restaurant.

Price: The price of the drink definitely depends on what you order and because there is no menu, it's hard to give a price range. Our drinks were about $15 each.

Here is a list of 2 other awesome speakeasies to visit:

Location: Gaslamp

Tips: Dress code is encouraged Friday and Saturday nights. No reservations , so be sure to get there early.

Photo Credit: San Diego Eater

Location: Gaslamp

Tips: Reservations are required. Located inside the Moxy San Diego

Photo Credit: San Diego Eater


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