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5 Things to Do in Clarksville, TN

Updated: Apr 27

Located just 1 hour north of Nashville and 30 min south of Fort Campbell, Clarksville,

Tennessee, is a hidden gem with a rich history, delicious restaurants, and a friendly community.  I recently visited Clarksville and was surprised by all the city had to offer. In this post, I’ll share some fun things I did to help you plan your visit to this charming town.

Things to do:

1.  Visit Historic Downtown Clarksville: Explore the charming downtown area with its historic buildings, boutique shops, and local restaurants. Stop by La Costa Cafe, a local family-owned Puerto Rican coffee shop.

2. Wine tasting at Beachaven Vineyards & Winery: This award-winning local winery is the oldest single-family-owned winery in Tennessee. They have some of the best sweet wines that I have ever tasted. I recommend the Blackberry wine, Heavenly Peach wine or if you are looking for something a little more unique try their red or white muscadine wine.

3. Explore Dunbar Cave State Park:  Located along the historic Civil War Trail this state park is full of history.  From 1785 until 1864 Dunbar Cave was located within a plantation where more than one hundred African Americans were enslaved. After the emancipation, some of the lands near the cave became a refuge to over 4,000 former enslaved African Americans, and the area became known as “Affricanna Town”.

Where to Eat:

  1. Catfish House: This was one of my favorite places we went to during our visit. If you love a good southern fried catfish, then make sure you stop here during your visit. 

  2. China King Buffet: In the small town I grew up in, we had this delicious Chinese food buffet that my family and I would go to, and this restaurant brought back those sweet childhood memories. This place is worth a visit if you are a fan of Chinese food buffets. 

I hope this post is helpful as you plan your visit to Clarksville!


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