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4 Delightful Places to Celebrate National Ice cream Day in San Diego

Updated: Apr 27

Ice cream is one of my favorite summer treats. Many ice cream lovers would argue that ice cream should be enjoyed year round, but for all my ice cream lovers out there, there is a special day reserved just for you. National Ice cream Day!

National Ice cream Day is on July 17th and a great way to celebrate is to partake in this creamy treat at one of these 4 local ice cream shops in San Diego!

This Gelato shop is serving up THE BEST gelato in the city. What makes it the best? Well, for starters it's made from scratch daily with fresh local ingredients. They are also backed by a skilled gelato maker with experience in Europe. So you know this gelato is the real deal! I'm sure your wondering why is called An's Dry Cleaning, well the previous tenant of the space was an actual dry cleaning called An's Dry Cleaning. The owners decided to keep the same name when they moved into the space. The dry cleaning theme can be seen throughout the décor and the names of the gelato flavors are inspired by different types of fabrics.

What should you try when you go? Well one of the most popular flavors is Leather, a brown butter gelato with homemade gluten-free chocolate chip cookies. Looking for something on the creamy side? Try Cashmere, a creamy decadent gelato made with honey and goat cheese, giving you all the cheesecake feels. There menu changes frequently so each time you go it will be a new adventure for your tastebuds!

There are currently two locations to choose from, An's Dry Cleaning in North Park , right off Adams Avenue, and An's Hatmakers (different name, different concept, same delicious gelato) in Del Mar.

Photo Credit: An's Dry Cleaning

Flavor: Cashmere

Voted San Diego Best for three years in a row, this local favorite is Hawaiian inspired and offers the richest , creamiest ice cream that will be sure to knock you off your feet! What makes Hamond's unique besides their unique flavors, are their ice cream flights! Yes, you read that correctly, Ice cream flights! You no longer need to make that tough decision regarding what flavor to choose from. You can just choose the flight and get up to six of your favorite flavors. If you want the ultimate ice cream challenge, try the 32 flavor ice cream flight!

Not sure what to get? There are over 32 daily flavors to choose from. With flavors like Chocolate Hazelnut, Toasted Coconut and Summer Berry, there is a flavor for everyone.

Hammond's has two locations. One location in North Park and the other location is in Point Loma.

Photo Credit: Hammond's Gourmet Ice Cream : 32 flavor Ice Cream flight

If you are looking to try a local , family operated, homemade ice cream shop then look no further than Cali Cream. They have over 50 flavors daily to choose from. Not in the mood for a ice cream cone? Try one of there delicious hot fudge sundaes or a banana split. Hmm not feeling the ice cream sundaes, try one of their decadent milkshakes. With so many options to choose from , one can be sure to find something that will satisfy their sweet tooth.

Cali Cream has two locations. The original location is in Encinitas and they opened a second location in the Gaslamp District in Downtown.

Photo Credit : Cali Cream

Are you looking to try a unique ice cream dessert? Try a traditional Mexican style ice cream desert known as a Paleta. Paletas look similar to popsicles but are made with fresh natural fruits and can be made with dairy or dairy free.

Try one of their fruity options like Creamy Passion Fruit or Pineapple Basil. They also have decadent options like S'mores Pop which is a chocolate milkshake paleta dipped in milk chocolate toped with Graham Cracker and torched marshmallows! You can also customize by choosing what toppings to add to your Paleta.

You can get your paleta fix at two locations, Bonita and Little Italy.

Happy National Ice Cream Day!

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Another great and informative post, Stephanie! Now you have my mouth watering for ice cream! I will definitely be venturing out with the kids to try some of these spots!

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Stephanie Daniels
Stephanie Daniels
23. Nov. 2022
Antwort an

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the post! Let me know which place you like the most after your visit! :)

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