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9 Staycation Ideas to Add to Your 2023 Bucketlist

Updated: Apr 27

1. Spend the Day Exploring a Neighborhood or a Community

This is one of my favorite staycation ideas! You don't need to live in a large city to take advantage of this idea, even smaller cities have hidden gems. Staycation tip: research the best local restaurants and things to do in a specific neighborhood or community.

2. Go on a City Tour

It's always fun to be a tourist in your city! A tour will give you a different view of your city and you may even learn some new things!

3. Book a Weekend Stay at a Beachside Hotel

Nothing says a staycation like a weekend at the beach! Especially if you don't have to get on a flight or drive 5 hrs to do it. If you don't live near a beach, you can book a weekend at a fancy hotel in your city.

4. Visit a Local Shop or Restaurant

Enjoy your day shopping or eating local. This is a great way to support local business owners.

5. Attend a Food Festival

A food festival is an awesome opportunity to eat different and unique foods right in your community.

6. Attend a Cultural Festival

If you live in a multi-cultural city as I do, then you probably have ample opportunities to attend a cultural festival. This is a unique opportunity to learn and experience another culture.

7. Visit Local Museums

Visiting museums can be a fun experience! Here's a tip: Look for a unique museum to visit that you may not find in another city.

8. Cooking Class

A cooking class is a fun activity! Enjoy learning a few cooking tips and techniques that you can reuse in your home kitchen!

9. Take a Day Trip to a Local City

If you are interested in a getaway but you don't want to break the bank, a day trip is a perfect idea. Here's a tip: type your city in google maps and see what cities are nearby. Once you find a city you are interested in exploring, start looking up some fun things to do while you're there.



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