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San Diego Neighborhood Guide : North Park

Updated: Apr 27

North Park is a trendy neighborhood located within a few minutes of San Diego's popular attractions. It is home to several delicious restaurants and unique coffee shops.

Where to Eat:

North Park has a delicious food scene with many options from delicious brunch to local taco shops to ice cream shops.

  • URBN: Serving up craft cocktails and coal-fired thin-crust pizza. They have a variety of pizzas to choose from including vegetarian options.

  • The Taco Stand: One of the best local taco chains in the city. Whenever we have guests come to town, we always take them to the Taco Stand for some authentic Tijuana-style tacos!

Tacos at The Taco Stand

  • Louisiana Purchase: One of the few places in the city to eat Southern food! This place can be a bit pricy so be prepared for that!

  • Black Market Bakery: A local bakery serving delicious breakfast sandwiches, pastries, and coffee.

  • Hammond's Gourmet Ice Cream: After lunch or dinner stop by Hammond's Ice Cream, a local shop specializing in Hawaiian-style ice cream.

Local and Unique Coffee Shops to Visit:

  • Communal Coffee: Communal Coffee is a charming coffee shop that is also a flower shop. The motto is "Coffee + Flowers" and the combination of aromatic coffee and beautiful blooms creates a delightful atmosphere.

Match Latte at Communal Coffee

  • Saigon Coffee: Saigon specializes in authentic iced Vietnamese brewed coffee with ancient Phin filters and the entire process takes 4 hrs. Their mom created the original recipe and it is still used in their shop.

Famous Egg Drop Coffee

Things to Do:

  • Pigment: a local retail store that features plants and home decor.

  • Verbatim Books: San Diego's largest independent and used bookstore.

decorative wall of books at Verbatim
Verbatim Books
  • Artelexia: Local retail store featuring Mexican arts and gifts.

Inside the store at Artelexia

  • Casa y Cocina: Owned by the same company as Artelexia, this store features kitchen decor and spices.

Casa y Cocina

  • North Park Thursday Market: Held every Thursday from 3:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. you can find fresh produce, baked goods, and crafts from San Diego locals.


  • Taste of North Park: This annual event (usually held in October) is a celebration of North Park culinary delights and provides an opportunity to sample food from these local restaurants. (click on the link for updated information on this years event).


North Park is one of the most popular neighborhoods to visit in San Diego for locals and tourists. From shops to restaurants, there is something for everyone to enjoy! I hope this guide is helpful as you plan your visit!



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